For anyone who is not clear about the objective and the purpose of uniteTheStreet.com, please continue reading this article. 

Our soul purpose is to unite all group coordinators from all Canadian sites, like Stand4thee.com, action4canada.com, awakeCanada.org, policeonguard.ca, mounties4freedom.ca, and all other small groups, under one roof. 

For example, we want David Cheyne from awakeCanada.org to sign up in our site.  We are not asking David Cheyne to stop what he’s doing. By all means he is doing a great service to all Canadians, and we are all rooting for him. 

Since nobody sees the urgency of uniting, we just took the initiative to open up our site just for the reason of 'Uniting the Street'. 

We are accepting group coordinators and individuals (people that do not belong in a group) alike. If we end up having hundreds, or thousands or hundreds of thousands of members AND all the large groups/websites like like Stand4thee.com, action4canada.com, awakeCanada.org, policeonguard.ca, mounties4freedom.ca decide to unite, we would request all our members to join that large group, because that is the right thing to do. 

We are not fixated on our website. We are fixated on ‘uniting the street’, anotherwords uniting all group coordinators (with their members) all under one roof so we can better coordinate peaceful large-scale course of action, whatever that action may be. 

We are only thinking whatever is best for Canada and all Canadians. We don’t give a damn about our website, but about how to save all Canadians from this dictatorship, by attempting to unite everyone together BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!.